Political Reaction to Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Posted by: Laurann Robinson


The decision to allow same–sex marriage in the U.S. came as a surprise to many people here in Nebraska, including many community leaders… And even Governor Ricketts.

“whether you like it or not, the law is now crystal clear,” said Amy Miller, Legal Director with the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska.

She sees today’s ruling as a victory, “the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today nailed it. The justices wrote that we’ve had this evolving sense of what is appropriate. And the writers of the Bill of Rights may not have had in mind LGBT rights. But they also didn’t have in mind the rights of women, and they also didn’t have in mind the rights of people of color.”

But not all are happy about today’s ruling…

The Nebraska Family Alliance says no matter what the Supreme Court says, it’s against this movement.

“With a redefinition of marriage, not only will it define who can marry, but it will redefine what we teach in our public schools, it will redefine I’m sure about transgenderism that will become part of the issue, it will redefine religious freedoms for us here in our nation,” said Al Riskowski, Executive Director with the Nebraska Family Alliance.

and Governor Ricketts had this to say… “Here in Nebraska, we voted overwhelmingly to define marriage as between one man and one woman. And so they are absolutely overturning the will of the people here in Nebraska, however, it is the law of the land and we will comply with the supreme court’s ruling.”

And Amy with the ACLU says in addition to new marriages forming, many Nebraskans will be able to honor their existing marriages they received in other states.

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