Quiet and warming up; more active pattern next week

High temperatures within and surrounding Lincoln on Saturday made it into the upper 40s. Several factors were working in our favor as well as against us, in terms of the potential for 50s again.

The southerly breeze ranging from 10-20 mph was a help, as was having no snowpack and dry conditions for now. However, cloud cover over our region without much sun to break through was a big reason for us to stay a touch cooler. Not to mention Friday’s highs only made it into the lower 30s, too.

The good news: Sunday will be warmer.

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A milder evening Saturday night will help us jumpstart on warming up throughout Sunday. Winds will be out of the south/southeast throughout tonight as temperatures slowly drop down into the lower 30s for a low.

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We’ll only expect partly sunny skies on Sunday, too, so that will keep us from warming past the lower 50s. With the warmer weather, winds will also be a slight factor tomorrow with a breeze again ranging from 10-20 mph out of the southeast.

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As we remain dry through Sunday, that will change by the early morning hours Monday. Showers will start a few hours after midnight and look to continue through the morning commute off and on until tapering off by the early afternoon. Mostly cloudy conditions to follow those shower chances on Monday.

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Then, the next system that we are looking into is on Wednesday. With that, there is still some uncertainty as to the track and amounts, but snow is possible both Wednesday and Thursday. And with another system possible by the end of the week, we’ve got both rain and snow chances in the forecast.

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