Rain chances coming in “waves” on Saturday

Friday featured a mix of sun and clouds for most. A stationary boundary draped across the state was able to spark a few light showers as far south as Butler, Saunders, and northwest Lancaster counties. However, these showers were mainly north of Lincoln, leaving almost everyone in southeast Nebraska dry.


We expect clouds to increase into Saturday morning. Storms will be positioned in western Nebraska on Friday night and will move east overnight. We’re looking at a low temperature in the low-60s in Lincoln on Saturday morning with showers arriving by morning.

Friday Night Forecast

We could be dealing with some scattered showers approaching the Tri-Cities around the 2-4 a.m. timeframe and near Lincoln during the 5-7 a.m. timeframe. The morning showers could stick around through about lunchtime.

Stormcast Saturday Morning

It’s important to remember that the rain will be scattered in nature, leaving some parts of the morning dry. After lunchtime, conditions start to dry out and the sun may poke out. We expect two “waves” of rain on Saturday, with the first being in the morning and the other during the evening. It should be dry for the afternoon with a high temperature near 80° in Lincoln.

Saturday Forecast


On late Saturday afternoon or early evening, we expect storms to develop in central and northeast Nebraska. These will move towards the southeast and could arrive in Lincoln late Saturday.

Stormcast Saturday Night

Areas closer to the Tri-Cities are more likely to see these earlier in the evening, whereas this is looking more like a late Saturday evening and overnight event in Lincoln. It’s also important to keep in mind that these will be scattered storms, which may be hit-or-miss in nature. Either way, there’ll likely be storms somewhere across southeast Nebraska on Saturday night.

Scattered storm chances continue into Sunday and on many days next week. In addition to the rain chances, we expect below-average highs all of next week as well.

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