Ricketts endorses Republican candidate Jim Pillen for Governor

Jim Pillen currently resides as a member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Governor Pete Ricketts has endorsed Jim Pillen as the next governor of the state of Nebraska. Ricketts made the announcement on Tuesday.

Ricketts pointed to Pillen’s values and skills in growing his family’s agricultural business when asked why he endorsed Pillen.

“What Jim brings together is the fact that he built his business here in Nebraska around agriculture. That is an important part of our state. He’s got those pro-life values. He’s got that real-world experience in creating those jobs right here in Nebraska that is so important,” said Ricketts. “Taking that farm and growing it into one of the largest pork operations in the country is an amazing feat that Jim understands personally of what it means to live the American dream. The greatness of America and how to protect that. That is one of the things that I think sets Jim apart from some of the other candidates.”

Former Governor, Kay Orr and former Huskers coach, Tom Osborne have also endorsed Jim Pillen.

“Number one, I have lived in the state of Nebraska my entire life. I went out of the state for four years when I got my doctorate in veterinary medicine at Kansas State and would have gotten it here if we would have had a veterinary college at the time. Number two Susan and I have been raising kids for 40 years. We have a family and 7 grandbabies. If you don’t have a family it doesn’t make you a bad person, but it’s a distinct, significant difference on how you view life when there is more to the world than just you,” said Pillen.

During his speech, Pillen says that the next governor needs to be able to defend agriculture and to be able to grow the AG industry in the state. Pillen visited all 93 counties during his campaign and explained what he is hearing from most Nebraskans.

“We want a business approach to Government. We want less government. We want to make our decisions. We want to problem solve, we want to make our communities special. Local control is really important,” said Pillen.

If elected, Pillens says he will continue to fight against critical race theory in schools and universities.

“I believe the critical race theory has progressed. I view it as a Marxist ideology that went from changing from economic oppression to a racist, in saying that the majority race is oppressing the minority,” said Pillen.

“We’ve got about 110 days until game day, give or take, and we will continue sprinting across the state, and continue to work on earning every Nebraskan’s vote to become your next governor,” said Pillen.

Charles Herbster, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, released a statement on Ricketts’ endorsement of Pillen:

“It is disappointing to me that Governor Ricketts is supporting a candidate who has a weak record on illegal immigration, who failed to stop Critical Race Theory from seeping into public universities and then voted to fund it with taxpayer dollars, and who has admitted to polluting our most precious resource, water. 

I am running for governor because Nebraska needs a true conservative leader to carry on the America First agenda. I am the only candidate in the race who has the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump. And I am the only one who will promote strong economic policies to increase opportunity and prosperity across our state, fight against the liberal radicalization of our children’s education and our election system, and demand order on the border.

Like all Nebraska governors, Pete Ricketts is limited to two terms. In the year he has left, Ricketts should focus on serving the needs of Nebraska, not hand-picking his successor. No politician should choose the next governor; the voters should.”

Carol Blood released a statement on Ricketts’ decision to endorse Pillen:

“It’s been clear to all since the beginning of Pillen’s campaign that he was Governor Rickett’s choice of candidates. It seems a waste of time for the members of Nebraska’s media to have a press conference on what’s already known to voters. It’s also odd that our Governor asks former President Trump to stay out of Nebraska’s Governors’ race, but then chooses to do the exact same thing. We’ve seen many candidates for the legislature endorsed by the Governor who have had little success in actually being elected. Nebraska voters will let us know very soon who they believe to be the best candidate, regardless of endorsements.”

Nebraskans will vote on Nov. 8th of this year to see who will take the title as the next Governor of Nebraska.

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