Same Sex Couples Becoming Foster Parents

poster by: Laurann Robinson

Same–sex couples can become foster parents while Governor Ricketts reviews the current policy. A 20 year old memo with the Department of Health and Human Services at one point stopped gay and lesbian couples from becoming foster parents by barring unmarried, unrelated adults who live together, as well as a single gay or lesbian person from having children placed with them. But in recent years it seems this policy has been ignored.

The president of Cedars home for children, Jim Blue, says regardless of the change, the child’s best interest will continue to take priority. “I think it will be business as usual. We will continue to focus on trying to find wonderful people to open up their homes and their hearts to kids. We’ll continue to do great training after our background screening, but it’s up to the department of health and human services to approve the placement.”

A spokesman with the governor’s office says the gay and lesbian ban was “removed by DHHS from its website as a part of the review process. This does not change department policy or procedure.”

Meaning same sex couples living together have had foster children placed with them and will continue to do so, while the policy is under review.

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