Saturday brings perfect conditions to look into space

RAYMOND, Neb. (KLKN) – Saturday was Astronomy Day, and people all over the world looked to the stars.

Astronomy Day is all about sharing your passion and love for the night sky with others, so Branched Oak Observatory near Raymond opened up its telescopes to the community.

International View the Moon Day happened to fall on the same day this year, but the days don’t quite go hand-in-hand.

“The moon is a wonderful object, but we usually don’t like it up there because it’s so bright and has a tendency to dim other objects,” observatory co-founder Matt Anderson said.

Astronomer Brian Sivill said the two celebrations couldn’t have fallen on a better day.

“This is one of the moons that we love,” Sivill said. “Because it’ll be up at sunset, it has a lot of nice long shadows that help us see craters and mountains. Then in a couple of hours, it’s way in the west and we can do more astronomy under dark sky.”

The observatory is free and open to everyone, and astronomers said they would be out for several hours into the night, looking into the final frontier.

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