Scott Frost on Nebraska’s off-season quarterback competition

Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost weighs in on the Husker’s off-season quarterback competition for a crowded QB room. WATCH:

“We felt like there were quite a few positions that we needed to upgrade, improve and fix when we walked into North Stadium. Quarterback is one that we’ve gotten right, and we got it right pretty fast. We did a good job getting Adrian [Martinez] here. People can see the type of talent Adrian has and all the plays he made wearing a Nebraska uniform. Noah Vedral, when he got his shot, was lights out and as good a kid as there is on our football team. The whole state is excited about Luke [McCaffrey], and we are too. We have three good ones in the program. We have some other guys doing well too. Matt Maske from Kearney Catholic, right in the Lou-Platte. It’s a crowded room right now, but that can change quick. You never know what is going to happen through injury or anything else. We’re going to play the best guy at every single position. People get caught up in the quarterback competition. There’s a competition every day at every position. All those guys are going to get a chance to show what they can do, and we’re thrilled to have them all on our team,” Scott Frost said.


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