Socially distance showcase for high school marching bands

An event with social distancing allowed local high schools to showcase their bands.


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — An event with social distancing allowed high schools to showcase their bands.
Many high school bands got to perform right on the Seacrest Field for the LPS Marching Band Showcase.
“I’m really happy we were able to have the opportunity to still play for the parents,” said Kinya Kairigi, a junior at Southwest High. “Even though we didn’t have a comp season, being back here really brought back a lot of memories.”
Lincoln students like Kinya got to play for their parents and display musical talent. Four judges were present to provide critiques and positive feedback before some of the bands perform at competitions.
One of the judges, who is from another district, says he is just excited to be a part of the event.
“Seeing a band on Saturday is pretty exciting,” says Lance Nielsen. “We have nothing, our district was not allowed to travel. So our kids don’t experience anything like this. I’m very impressed that Lincoln Public Schools is putting something like this on. I think it’s very cool.”
The showcase was unique because of COVID, bands, and audiences switching out each hour from 1 pm to 8 pm, to ensure social distancing.
“We really want to do this showcase for the students, to give them an opportunity to show what they’ve been working on during the course of the fall,” says Lance Nielsen, LPS supervisor of music. “You know marching band is a class during the school day. We’re really not an extracurricular activity, so this is really an opportunity for them to show what they’ve been working on.”
“With COVID and everything, we’ve had to take lots of precautions, and all of our drill is made socially distanced,” said Kairigi. “We make sure we always have our masks on when we’re supposed to have them on and playing when we’re supposed to and its been so fun.”

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