Sorority kicks out 25 members at local chapter in Lincoln

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

Tri Delta is now 25 sisters short.

It started with an investigation initiated at the beginning of the school year and ended with terminations.

"Never did I ever think that so many girls would be terminated," Katlynn Paasch, who was dismissed from Tri Delta, said.

The UNL sorority has been in trouble before. During Bid Week girls were caught drinking, placing the sorority on probation. Later in the year several members went on a party bus while the sorority was still under those restrictions. Some members of Tri Delta say those incidents don’t correlate with who got kicked out.

"The girls who had to go to the hospital for alcohol related issues did not get anything which is also weird to me I guess," said Paasch.

When asked why the women were dismissed, the Tri Delta national officials said the girls quote,  "engaged in behaviors that do not align with our standards."

Katlynn said nationals interviewed every girl in the house after the first few incidents, but never implied that this would be the end result.

"It was never, to my knowledge, that they were going to terminate so many girls and so many girls would be in trouble," Paasch said.

The national organization also says quote "For privacy reasons and to support our members’ well–being, the details around these matters are kept confidential."


National officials have dismissed 25 members from the Delta Delta Delta sorority at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln following reports of underage drinking.

The national sorority office began an investigation in February after university officials raised concerns about a student taken to a hospital over an incident with alcohol.      

Individual interviews were held with members of the local chapter. It had been on probation during the fall 2016 semester because of allegations that underage members drank alcohol on the day students accepted invitations to join their fraternities or sororities.        

University spokesman Steve Smith says the ousters are examples “of the executive and local boards holding their chapter accountable.”