StarTran gives out thousands of masks, providing safer bus rides

StarTran let Channel 8 in their station to see how they are adapting during the pandemic.

(LINCOLN, Neb.) — StarTran let us in their station to see how they are adapting during the pandemic. They are celebrating being able to give out thousands of masks to those who ride on their buses every day.

“About 7,000 people ride every day and it’s pretty exciting that we’ve been able to get 35,000 facemasks out for our riders to be safe and be able to use them throughout the day,” said Mike Davis, a transit manager. “So we see this as a big milestone.”

When the pandemic began, StarTran rotated bus riders to work every other week, in April, then added masks and hand sanitizer to every bus. They returned to full operations at the end of July. Each bus also has marked off seating for passengers so they can safely be distanced. We asked a driver what its like to be an essential worker.

“Of course there’s fear, I think that’s normal for everyone, but we’re doing all that we can for ourselves and for the public,” said Bradley Rico. “If they want to ride the bus and don’t have a mask, we have a mask to help them get to where they need to go.”
Each driver checks in with no-touch temperature checks and StarTran officials say they are working to continue being a safe option of travel for the people of Lincoln.

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