Storms enter the forecast once again

As of Friday evening, there are some storms in the western part of the state. I anticipate that these will continue pushing off towards the east, but they should start to weaken significantly after sunset.

We won’t rule out the chance for an isolated shower or storm overnight and into Saturday morning for central and eastern Nebraska – including Lincoln. Any overnight showers will be widely scattered and shouldn’t be severe. Lows on Saturday morning will be near 74°.

Friday Night Forecast

I think we may see a few more scattered showers into the early afternoon on Saturday. However, I think that we have a better chance to see storms later Saturday evening. The more widespread activity will likely occur in the 9PM-midnight timeframe in Lincoln. It is these storms that may be on the strong to severe side.

Stormcast Saturday Night

We’re forecasting a high of 93° in Lincoln, but keep in mind that it may top out a few degrees if we have some more cloud cover and/or a shower cools us off for some time.

Saturday Forecast

Overall, Saturday night’s storms do not appear to be a widespread severe weather event. I anticipate that most storms will be your “run-of-the-mill” thunderstorms with heavy rain and lightning. Some storms may be strong enough to produce strong winds and large hail – but this should be on more of an isolated basis. So keep in mind that we may see a few severe warnings on Saturday, but not everyone is likely to experience severe weather.

While some storms may persist overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning, any remaining storms will be weakening. Aside from a few widely scattered showers on Sunday morning, we dry out by Sunday afternoon with highs in the low-90s. Summer-like weather persists into next week – it’ll be hazy, hot, and humid!

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron

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