Students at Lefler Middle School take advantage of abundant snow and learn basics of skiing

This historic winter is not stopping students at Lefler Middle School from getting outside and being engaged. All this week they were cross country skiing as a new activity to show students you can be active in very cold and snowy weather.

Only eighth graders could participate, but with so much snow on the ground, the school decided to try something different to keep students moving.

“There was a teacher about 20 years ago that did it and I thought with all the snow it’d be a great chance for us to get outside and have the experience of cross country skiing,” said Jeff Pappas, a Lefler Middle School P.E. teacher.

The skis were rented from UNL and students have taken full advantage of being able to go outside. Students learned the basics: how to properly lace up, take on and take off the skis, and how to maneuver.

“Keep your nose in between your skis, get down in a position – like your shoulders in front – and ‘step, step glide,’ he says,” Grant Wehrman, a Lefler eighth grader, said.

While it’s good exercise, Pappas wanted to his students to realize they don’t have to stay inside all day just because there’s a lot of snow on the ground. There are plenty of outdoor activities at their disposal.

“We talked about, it’s wintertime but still we can go outside and have fun whether it’s skiing or sledding or just being out in the snow, so it’s a good experience for them,” Pappas said.

This week was the first time many students have ever skied. Despite occasionally falling down, students wasted no time trying to get back up to hit the slopes or take a stroll.

“I don’t know how they do it for long distances. If you’re doing it just a short amount of time – my arms got tired,” Wehrman said.

Students have had so much fun with this that the school district is now considering purchasing their own cross country ski gear in the future to use in the future. Of course, if there’s enough snow on the ground.

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