Students get look at Lincoln’s Bay High, where they can learn to code and more

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A new high school of sorts is open in Lincoln.

Bay High opened its doors last week, and Lincoln Public Schools students got the chance to check it out on Wednesday night.

The free school at The Bay, at 19th and Y Streets, is an extension of the education that LPS juniors and seniors already receive.

They will learn marketing and business strategies, plus how to code and create video, audio and digital content.

When choosing courses, the school asked business leaders what skills they were looking for.

One answer from a manufacturing company: video game chops.

“They said if you can have the focus to grab a controller and sit down and game, you have the same kind of focus it takes to run this big piece of equipment because you have to put on a set if goggles and use a controller,” said Mike Smith, co-founder of nonprofit Rabble Mill, which runs The Bay.

He said it’s been “exciting” for students to see where their skills could get them.

“You can get good at this thing, and it can equate to a cool job somewhere, someday, and so those skills are transferable,” Smith said. “Our job down here is to show students how.”

The school accepts only 100 students, so it’s recommended that you apply for next year by Feb. 1.

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