Sub-zero wind chills overnight; Measurable snow coming Friday

Wind chill values will drop overnight.  While the temperature won’t be much colder than it has in recent days, winds will be slightly higher out of the northeast at 7 to 13 mph.  This will send wind chill values to -15° to -25° overnight through sunrise Friday.

Ndfd Latest Dma Feels Like Temp Plot

Because of the low wind chill values a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for all of southeast Nebraska.  You can find more details on the advisory on our Severe Weather Alerts page.


Energy will move out of the Rocky Mountains and in pass through Nebraska Friday.  With it, moisture will be drawn in to the state, producing snow showers starting mid-morning and continuing through early Saturday.

The amount of moisture available is limited – between 0.09″ to 0.18″ – but with the cold air already in place snow will fluff up and add up.

You often hear about snow to water ratios when it comes to snow forecasting.  The general rule is a 10 to 1 ratio (10:1).  Meaning 10″ of snow for every 1 inch of water”.  Due to the cold air at the surface, and cold air a few thousand feet above the ground, I think we are looking at a snow to water ratio ranging from 18:1 to as much as 24:1.  That being said, some quick math shows that some areas could get upwards of 4″ (or more) of snow.

210211 5pm Snow Map

210211 5pm Snow Map2

This means areas of southeast Nebraska could get anywhere from 2″ of snow, to as much as 6″ of snow by 1 p.m. Saturday.  Lincoln, Grand Island, Hastings, Seward, and York getting between 3″ to 5″.  Further south, Beatrice, Crete, Fairbury, and Hebron looking at 2″ to 4″.  Move a little further north and places like Columbus, Greeley, Norfolk, O’Neill getting 4″+.

If it looks like this weather system is coming in drier, I may need to shift the numbers downward.  Stay tuned!

Because of the measurable snow and cold temperatures a Wind Chill Advisory will be in effect Friday morning through Saturday morning for much of the Channel 8 viewing area.  For more on the Winter Weather Advisory check out our Severe Weather Alerts page.

TONIGHT:  Increasing clouds.  Lows a few degrees below zero.  Wind chill values dropping to -15° to -25°.

FRIDAY:  Cloudy skies.  Snow arriving as early as mid-morning and continuing through the evening.  Highs will be in the single digits.  Wind chill values -10° to -20°.

SATURDAY:  Morning snow showers possible.  Partly to mostly cloudy by afternoon.  High temperatures will struggle to get above 0°.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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