Sunday Morning Weather Update; October 25, 2020

Good morning!  We sit and anticipate the arrival of snow to southeast Nebraska today.

Winter Weather Advisories are are now in effect for all of southeast and southern Nebraska until Monday morning.

Snow will be arriving from the north/northwest to the south throughout the day and evening.

  • Areas north of I-80 and south of the Platte River will start to see the precipitation start as snow late this morning through early this afternoon.
  • If you live along or south of I-80 you’ll need to be patient as the precipitation will to begin to arrive until later this afternoon.  In Lincoln it could start as early as 1p-3pm.  It will likely start as a little rain changing to sleet before changing over to all snow.

While we have the possibility for snow this afternoon and evening I think the “heaviest” snow rates will occur during the overnight hours.  I’m bracketing the hours between midnight and 5am Monday for Lincoln.  Because of the timing, and it being the first snow of the season, there could be some impact on the morning commute.

Heavier snow rates will be earlier for Grand Island, Hastings, and Kearney – 7pm to 10pm Sunday.  This timing will help road crews as they will have 9-10 hours to clear roads.

It is interesting to note a trend in the computer models from last night’s runs.  There is a slight downward tick in the snowfall amount for Lincoln.  A 105-computer model average suggests 2.0″ of snow falling in Lincoln through 1 p.m. Monday.  In comparison, here is a look at the computer model average from each run going back to Thursday morning along with the range in each run.

  • Thursday Morning: 3.8″ | 1.9″ to 7.1″
  • Thursday Night: 3.5″ | 1.6″ to 5″
  • Friday Morning: 3.7″ | 1.6″ to 5″
  • Friday Night: 3.0″ | 1.9″ to 4.1″
  • Saturday Morning: 3.6″ | 2.1″ to 4.3″
  • Saturday Night: 2.0″| 0.7″ to 2.6″

Are last night’s runs off?  I find it interesting that both the low end and the high end from last night’s runs shifted downward.  We shall see.  I still think 2″ to 4″ is a good call for the Lincoln area and 3″ to 6″ for the Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney area.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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