Supreme Court ruling won’t end abortion in Nebraska – yet

Abortion foes will try to ban it in the state; abortion rights supporters vow to stop any bills

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has sweeping ramifications across the country, but what does it mean for Nebraska?

In 16 states, abortion is either already illegal, or soon to be illegal due what are called trigger laws, which activated once the Supreme Court put abortion law back in the hands of states.

In Nebraska, there is no trigger law, but earlier this year, State Sen. Joni Albrecht introduced a bill that would have held doctors criminally liable for performing abortion.

It fell two votes short of the 33 it needed to pass, but with this Supreme Court ruling, Nate Grasz of the Nebraska Family Alliance said it’s a matter of when, not if, another abortion ban is brought to the table.

“We’re hoping that Nebraska will pass legislation to protect every single human life,” Grasz said. “That could be in a special session later this summer or fall, or it could be during next year’s legislative session.”

Grasz says he’s not sure if a proposed abortion ban would be something like Albrecht’s bill, which criminalized doctors for performing abortion, or Sen. Julie Slama’s proposed heartbeat bill, which would have made abortion illegal once a heartbeat is detected.

“We are working towards the greatest protections possible, but it will be a matter of what we can get done with our current legislative body,” Grasz said.

Pro-abortion rights advocates say they will fight anti-abortion legislation every step of the way.

“We’re going to do the exact same thing that we did during the regular legislative session; we’re going to remind Nebraskans that this is not what they stand for,” said Nebraska Planned Parenthood Executive Director Andi Curry Grubb.

“We’re gonna build off that momentum of stopping that trigger ban,” said ACLU of Nebraska legal and policy counsel Scout Richters. “Regardless of what the Supreme Court decision was, we can do that. And we’ve been building for that.”

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