Thieves steal police yard sign from family of fallen officer

Thieves stole multiple Lincoln police yard signs from several households, one of them being the family of a fallen officer.
Police Sign

Thieves stole multiple ‘Lincoln police’ yard signs from several households, one of those households being the family of a fallen officer.

Lisa Clarke, the widow of fallen officer John Clarke, has had an “Honor Our Police” sign in her yard for six years.  John Clarke was a Lincoln K-9 Police officer who died suddenly in 2013 while off duty after 21 years on the job. On Wednesday, thieves targeted her home and other residences near 84th and Pine Lake road, stealing the signs and throwing them in a trash can down the street.  This is the second time her yard sign has been stolen. The sign went missing back in April and has been run over twice in the last several years. Clarke said if it made the person who did this feel better, then that’s fine, but it will not stop her from putting up another one.

For Clarke, this blue sign is so much more then just a sign. It is a way to honor her late husband for who he was as a person and what he did.

Lincoln police are still investigating the incidents up and down this usually quiet street. No suspect/suspects have been arrested.

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