Thompson family honored with a Magic Moment

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

It’s been a tough year for the Thompson’s. Their dad has been battling a rare form of cancer but they are staying strong.

One day after celebrating their thirteenth wedding anniversary, the family received devastating news:  Paul had stage four stomach cancer.

"Shocked, totally shocked, we were not prepared for it at all. All of the doctors that we saw said that cancer was the last thing that they were expecting,” Paul and Cheryl Thompson said.

Paul has been going through chemo treatments and his wife Cheryl has been by his side along with their two daughters. Friends saw the family struggling and wanted to bring some relief during this tough time.

"I knew that this holiday season they needed help and I just wanted to make sure the girls had a good holiday,” Schuylar Craig, who nominated the family, said.

So Channel 8 teamed up UBT to help spread some Christmas cheer.

Lucy, who’s five, received all her favorite Disney princesses, and the back yard playground her and her dad had been planning on building, but couldn’t because of his illness.

"Its something that me and Lucy have been talking about for quite a while the last couple summers to get some kind of play set to buy and to build back there. It was a huge surprise and just a blessing,” Paul Thompson.

Clara, who is just nine months old, received toys and some much needed baby supplies.

Mom and dad were not left out. Paul received some comfy husker gear

And Cheryl will be pampered for days with gift cards to get her hair and nails done at her favorite salon.

"Paul really wanted those pants and Cheryl most definitely deserves a pampering day,” Craig said.

The presents brought the family some much needed joy during this difficult time.

The family also received a membership to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Paul and Cheryl received gift cards to a movie and dinner for a little date night.

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