Title X Language Removed From Nebraska State Budget

Last year in the Nebraska state budget, it was passed by the Legislature to deny federal Title X funding to clinics that provide abortions, or facilities that refer a patient to clinics that provide them.

On Tuesday night, the appropriations committee passed a state budget which took out Title X language from the budget, leaving some state lawmakers in shock.

“Just absolutely stunning that our Legislature, a conservative pro-life state, would take on this policy at a time when New York and Rhode Island and Vermont and Virginia are all debating and enacting some very radical abortion policies,” Lt. Gov. Mike Foley said.

Senator John Stinner, who is the head of the appropriations committee, says his overall goal is to separate the discussion of federal funding to clinics like Planned Parenthood and the whole state budget.

Now with the denial of Title X funding being taken out from the budget, there’s talk that there could be a bill that would reinstate it, but it would be separate from the budget.

“If it’s in the budget, it’s going to be a 12-hour discussion every time it comes up, and whether you are for or against the Title X, and the language and all of the rest of it that we got worked out, that will be the budget discussion. That’s what I want to avoid,” Sen. John Stinner, Appropriations Chairmen said.

But Pro-Life Senators, and Lt. Gov. Mike Foley say they are ready to fight to keep the same language in the budget.

“We’re already having lots of conversations with the Pro-Life senators and this is going to be a battle royal if this doesn’t get reversed,” Foley said.

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