‘Toughest’ Huskers will earn single-digit jerseys, Matt Rhule says

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Only the toughest of Huskers will be able to don a single-digit jersey next season.

Head coach Matt Rhule said Tuesday that he is implementing a new tradition at Nebraska: giving the 10 “toughest” players the coveted single-digit jersey (0-9).

Rhule, who began the tradition as an offensive coordinator at Temple, defined the kind of player who earns the jersey.

“The guys who best exemplify what it means to be a Cornhusker, to be accountable, to be dependable, to be tough, hardworking, competitive every single day,” he said.

Since he became coach, Rhule said the Huskers have “wholeheartedly embraced” all of the program’s traditions. He now hopes to add this one to the list.

“I think the cool thing now is that recruits say it to me, the guys say to me, ‘Can I wear number three?’ Absolutely, just got to earn it,” he said.

Players, not the coaches, will select the 10 toughest players, and Rhule said he’s seen everyone from freshmen to seniors earn the jerseys.

In the early years at Temple, Rhule didn’t use up all the single-digit jerseys. But he said that won’t be a problem at Nebraska.

“There’s plenty of guys who deserve those numbers,” he said.

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