Trail Trial: Investigators go over what they found in home of Lincoln woman’s accused killer

Testimony Friday involved the investigation at Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell’s home, when investigators were looking for signs of Lincoln Woman Sydney Loofe.

Trail and Boswell are accused of murdering Sydney shortly after she met Boswell in November 2017.

When jurors last heard testimony in the trial for Trail, law enforcement talked about how they used phone records and mapping to find the apartment he and Boswell lived at in Wilber.

Taking the stand on Friday were their landlord and his wife, who said Trail and Boswell rented the apartment below them.

Both said they smelled a strong odor of bleach in the home in the days after investigators said Loofe went missing.

They said it took more than a day to air out.

Nebraska State Patrol investigator Pedro Nabegh testified about their work in looking for signs that Sydney had been in the apartment.

He said they took swab samples from sinks, took bedding and more than a dozen sex toys from the scene.

“The warrant implied to collect the sex toys as well because they might also bear her DNA, placing her in the residence,” Nabegh said.

The prosecution hasn’t presented the lab results from those yet.

If convicted of first degree murder, Trail faces the death penalty.

The defense said Trail killed Sydney on accident while acting out a sexual fantasy.

The trial continues on Monday.

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