TRAVEL UPDATES: Keeping you updated on the roads as a Blizzard Warning sweeps across the Lincoln area

There's now a High Wind Warning west of Lincoln as well
road conditions

LINCOLN, Neb. – Traveling could be dangerous through Friday evening, and we want to keep you updated on any developments on roads in the Lincoln area and across Nebraska with live updates.

3:09 pm

Currently, 51 crews continue to plow and treat the roads. But, over the next six hours, the City will be recalling a number of plows as routes are completed. Tenty material spreaders will remain on duty this evening.

2:09 pm – A Nebraska State trooper was out responding to a crash between Lincoln and Omaha when a semi jackknifed, sliding into his vehicle. He was inside the car at the time, but was uninjured.

11:28 am – The City of Lincoln reports 51 crews are plowing and applying granular salt pre-wet with brine to main streets, as well as school and bus routes. Services, excluding emergency services, may be temporarily suspended due to poor visibility. Additional road resources are on standby for post-storm plowing and cleanup.

9 am – Lincoln Police say officers have responded to 10 accidents this morning. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office responded to six accidents. Both agencies say the none of the accidents were serious or led to serious injuries.

8:35 am – The Nebraska State Patrol told Channel 8 Eyewitness News troopers had responded to around 20 weather-related accidents across the state. A patrol spokesman said 10 of them were in the Lincoln area.

7:40 am – Lincoln Police have responded to three accidents inside the city. No serious injuries reported. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office told Channel 8 Eyewitness News they had responded to “a handful” of crashes, none of which resulted in serious injuries. They advised drivers to use caution and slow down as roads are slick in some areas and blowing snow has reduced visibility.

Outside of the Lincoln area, the Seward County Sheriff’s Office says drivers should use extreme caution; road surfaces are wet and ice-covered in spots. Bridges are slick. NDOT is currently working on the roads.

7:30 am – The Nebraska State Patrol reports blowing snow across eastern Nebraska. This may affect travel.

6:00 am – The video tells the story. Stay off the roads if you can.

5:20 am – 20 crews are working the streets of Lincoln this morning. Streets are partially snow covered. Several reports of accidents on news scanners.

3:00 am – Snow is starting in eastern Nebraska.

6:00 pm – NDOT will be on the highways to clear the roads and monitor conditions during the storm. Interim NDOT Director Moe Jamshidi said “Our crews at NDOT remain ready to address this winter storm and the different challenges it will bring. NDOT continues to work to maintain the safety and health of its teammates to ensure plows are out to clear the way for travelers.”
If you do have to travel and become stuck, call the NSP Highway Helpline at *55 or 800-525-5555.

5:30 pm – Near Guide Rock, in southern Nebraska, there is a large grass fire. You are asked to avoid Highway 78 and 136.

5:00 pm – City of Lincoln announced there will be 20 city crews working just after midnight when the BLIZZARD WARNING goes into effect. They will put down a granular salt pre-wet with brine if needed.

NOTE: If visibility becomes too poor, only emergency services will be operating.  The city recommends you don’t travel unless there is a emergency that requires it.

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