Turning warmer for a brief time

While the low clouds from Monday morning were a bit stubborn to burn off, the sun did poke out eventually. The mostly clear skies persisted into Tuesday morning, and we expect sunshine to dominate for most of the day.

While there may be a few passing clouds at times, that’s about it. You’ll also notice the wind picking up. Wind speeds anywhere from 15-25 mph will be possible for the second half of the day.

Hour by Hour

Temperatures will be chilly initially, but sunshine and a southerly breeze will help nudge temperatures into the 50s during the afternoon. We’re forecasting a high near 52° in Lincoln, with even warmer air to the west.

Tuesday Forecast

Windy conditions remain on Wednesday, and the southerly flow will continue to pump warmer air into the picture. We’ll trade the 50s for 60s on Wednesday, which is above average.

Wednesday Forecast

That said, temperatures will drop dramatically on Thursday as a strong cold front passes through the area. We’ll likely be at our warmest during the early morning hours on Thursday. There’s also a chance to see some precipitation, with all types possible.

Eastern Nebraska may be dealing with rain initially. However, a transition to a wintry mix and eventually snow does appear possible as colder air rushes into the area.

Stormcast Thursday

It’s still a little too early to discuss specifics on snow totals as we continue to resolve some differences in the data, but it is something to watch closely!

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