Two state senators introduce a bill to help prevent future violence in Nebraska

At the Nebraska state legislature senators, Kate Bolz and Robert Hilkemann introduced legislation to help prevent violent crimes in the state of Nebraska.

They are proposing giving Nebraska’s Office of Violence Prevention $1,500,000. The organization was started in 2009 and every year since then they’ve been given $350,000 at a flat rate.

Some of that funding is spent in Lincoln on Operation Tipping point. Where local law enforcement gets involved in a child’s life to prevent gang membership and they say it really helps prevent future crimes.

“What we have found through operation tipping point and similar programs is that prevention piece the education piece is every bit as important to cut down on the crime trends and gang activity,” Cpt. Jason Stille of the Lincoln Police Department said.

For some Nebraska families who have grieved the loss of a family member due to a violent crime seeing this type of movement towards preventing more violent crime means the world.

“Once they had told me he had passed it had changed my life forever, and I have not been the same nor my family,” Raquel Salinas mother of Roberto Gonzales who was shot and killed in Omaha 5 years ago said.

This bill is a budget measure so it will be discussed alongside with the Nebraska state budget.

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