UPDATE: Man caught on camera kicking dog cited

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — After further investigation, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office (LSO) has cited a man caught on camera kicking his dog, for animal cruelty.

This comes less than a week after LSO originally stated a citation would not be issued because his actions did not “meet the statutory requirements to be able to cite him.”

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Now, after consulting with the Lancaster County Attorney’s Office during a follow-up investigation, an animal cruelty citation was served.

Cain, the dog in the video, was taken to a local veterinarian during the investigation. There he was determined to be in good health and had no injuries, according to LSO.

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The incident occurred in the parking lot of DE Guns, 252 N 134th St. A staffer witnessed the man – who is not an employee of DE Guns- kick his dog over the security cameras.

Channel 8 spoke with Cain’s owner who admitted to kicking the dog because it “was acting like a total a-hole.”

The man reportedly told LSO that the dog is an 80 lbs. pit bull who “is an alpha male, and sometimes requires physical discipline.”

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