Warm Election Day Forecast 11/3/2020

We are off to a chilly start for Election Day as temperatures are in the 30s and 40s across southeast Nebraska. If you plan on voting around 8am make sure to have the light layers on, but by the afternoon you can shed them. We will go from jackets in the morning to shorts in the afternoon! Highs will soar into the low 80s later today making it feel more like summer and we will probably see several high temperature records get shattered. Overnight into Wednesday temperatures will also be above average in the 40s with clear skies leading up to another warm day in the 70s. The next several days will feel like a warm repeat, but a big 180 twist is on the way for next week.

  • ELECTION DAY: Temperatures will start out in the 30-40s but will quickly climb once the sun goes up. Highs will easily reach the upper 70s and low 80s by the afternoon and evening hours today, potentially shattering several old high temp records. HIGH: 80
  • WEDNESDAY: We cool down to the mid-70s with mostly sunny skies. Still above average. HIGH: 75
  • THURSDAY: Another mild day in the 70s with sunny skies. HIGH: 73
  • FRIDAY: Temperatures bump up a bit to the upper 70s with blustery conditions. HIGH: 77
  • SATURDAY: Another breezy day with highs in the 70s and a slight increase in cloud coverage. HIGH: 74

Meteorologist Brittany Foster



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