WATCH LIVE: Pence and Harris in the Vice Presidential Debate

Vp Debate Tomorrow

Watch as Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris go head to head for Wednesday’s Vice Presidential Debate at 7 p.m. CDT.

Plexiglass will be added in between the candidates and masks are required during this debate, following President Trump’s positive COVID-19 test.


Here are some of the highlights.

The moderator asked Vice President Pence: Before there were more than five cases in the United States, all people who had returned from China, President Donald Trump did what no other American president had ever done.

To which VP Pence responded by saying, ”

And that was, he suspended all travel from China, the second-largest economy in the world. Now, Senator Joe Biden opposed that decision. He said it was xenophobic and hysterical, but I can tell you, having led the White House Coronavirus Task Force, that that decision alone by president Trump bought us invaluable time to stand up the greatest national mobilization since World War II, and I believe it saved hundreds of thousands of American lives. Because with that time, we were able to reinvent testing. More than 115 million tests have been done to date. 

We were able to see to the delivery of billions of supplies so our doctors and nurses had the resources and support they needed and we began really before the month of February, we started to develop a vaccine and to develop medicines and therapeutics that has been saving lives all along the way. And under president trump’s leadership, Operation Warp Speed, we believe we’ll have literally tens of millions of doses of a vaccine before the end of this year. The reality is when you look at the Biden plan, it reads an awful lot like what president trump and I and our task force have been doing every step of the way. 

And quite frankly, when I look at their plan that talks about advancing testing, creating new PPE, developing a vaccine, it looks a little bit like plagiarism, which is something Joe Biden knows a little bit about. And I think the American people know this is a president who has put the health of America first and the American people, I believe with my heart, can be proud of the sacrifices they have made. It saved countless American lives,” Pence said. 


To which Senator Kamala Harris said, “Whatever the vice president is claiming the administration has done, clearly it hasn’t worked. When you’re looking at over 210,000 dead bodies in our country, American lives that have been lost, families that are grieving that loss. And, you know, the vice president is the head of the task force and knew on January 28th how serious this was and then — thanks to Bob Woodward we learned that they knew about it and then when that was exposed the vice president said when asked, “well, why didn’t you all tell anybody?” He said because the president wanted people to remain calm,” Harris said. 

After a short interruption she followed with, “So I want to ask the American people, how calm were you when you were panicked about where you were going to get your next roll of toilet paper? How calm were you when your kids were sent home from school and you didn’t know when they could go back?” Harris questioned. 


Another hot topic many knew would be discussed, President Trump’s health following his COVID-19 diagnosis. The moderator asking both debaters about transparency saying, “You know, neither — neither president trump nor Vice President Biden has released a sort of detailed health information that had become the modern norm until the 2016 election. And in recent days, president trump’s doctors have given misleading answers or refused to answer basic questions about his health. And my question to each of you in turn is, is this information voters deserve to know? Vice President Pence, would you like to go first? “

To which Vice President Pence said, “Well, I — Susan, thank you. And let me, let me say on behalf of the president and the first lady how moved we’ve all been by the outpouring of prayers and concern and for the president. And I do believe it’s emblematic of the prayers and the concern that have ushered forth for every American impacted by the coronavirus. But the care the president received at Walter reed hospital, the white house doctors, was exceptional. And the transparency that they practiced all along the way will continue. The American people have a right to know about the health and well-being of their president and we’ll continue to do that. But I’m just extremely grateful and was more than — more than a little moved by the broad and bipartisan support and, Senator, I want to thank you and Joe Biden for your expressions of genuine concern. And I also want to congratulate you, as I did on that phone call, on the historic nature of your nomination,”

To which Kamala Harris responded by saying, “Joe Biden has been so incredibly transparent, and certainly by contrast, the president has not. Both in terms of health records, but also let’s look at taxes. We now know because of great investigative journalism that Donald Trump paid $750 in taxes. When I first heard about it, I literally said, you mean $750,000? And it was like, no, $750. We now know Donald Trump owes and is in debt for $400 million. And just so everyone is clear, when we say in debt, it means you owe money to somebody. And it would be really good to know who the president of the United States, the commander in chief, owes money to because the American people have a right to know what is influencing the president’s decisions and is he making those decisions on the best interest of the American people, of you, or self-interest? So, Susan, I’m glad you asked about transparency. Because it has to be across the board. Joe has been incredibly transparent over many, many years. The one thing we all know about Joe, he puts it all out there. He is honest. He is forthright. But Donald Trump, on the other hand —  covering up everything,”



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