WATCH: Officer who lead angry mob away from Senate chambers escorts Kamala Harris to inauguration

Watch the video closer and you'll see how much he his quick-thinking paid off
Eugene Goodman

WASHINGTON (KLKN) – Two weeks ago today, Capitol Police Office Eugene Goodman singlehandedly faced a mob of rioters inside the Capitol during the insurrection. Today, he escorted the soon-to-be Vice President to the inauguration ceremony.


There were many terrifying moments to witness on January 6 at the United States Capitol, but one moment shows bravery beyond what you initially see. It’s when Eugene Goodman not only did all he could to slow down an angry mob of people, he lured them away from a delicate place.

The video that has gone viral from the Huffington Post shows United States Capital Police Officer Eugene Goodman singlehandedly having to face the crowd.

They slowly walk up the stairs and you’ll notice at the top of the stairs he looks down a hallway. That’s the entrance to the Senate chambers that – at the time – was unguarded and filled with lawmakers seeking shelter from the chaos. He slowly leads them the opposite way as you can see in the video, even pushing one of the rioters, seemingly baiting him to follow away from the Senate chambers.

“Various media outlets witnessed as Goodman valiantly put himself in harm’s way, luring a violent mob away from an unguarded entrance to the Senate chambers, protecting Senators, staff, and reporters inside,” was written in a news release issued announcing a bill to award Goodman the Congressional Gold Medal.

Representatives Charlie Crist (D-FL),  Nancy Mace (R-SC), and Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) introduced the bill.

Goodman is an Iraq war veteran and member of the XVIII Airborne Corps.

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