Wednesday Evening Weather Update

TONIGHT:  Clear skies and cooler temperatures.  Lows will be in the upper 30°s to lower 40°s.  Lincoln Low Temperature: 42°

THURSDAY:  A sunny day.  Winds will be gusting 30-35 mph through mid-morning and then begin to ease through the afternoon.  Temperatures will be 6°-10° cooler than Wednesday.  Highs will be in the lower 60°s.  Lincoln High Temperature: 64°


We’re watching conditions for Friday morning as we may have our first widespread frost.  Temperatures are currently forecast to drop to the middle 30°s throughout southeast Nebraska.  There is one thing that could keep that from happening… clouds.  A few computer models are suggesting mid/high level clouds drifting over Nebraska overnight Thursday in to Friday morning.  If that happens, that would act as a blanket and keep temperatures in the upper 30°s instead, keeping a widespread frost from happening.  Stay tuned…

-Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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