Windy start to Wednesday 2/24/2021


Most of southeast Nebraska is sitting in the mid to upper 30s right now with blustery conditions and cloudy skies. Gusts up to 30 mph continue to blow around parts of the area. Wind speeds will gradually start to calm down as we head into the evening. Due to the wind being out of the northwest, highs will only top out in the low 40s today. Morning cloud cover will also limit temperatures and won’t clear out until the evening. Southerly winds will return overnight as temperatures drop down to the low 20s. But warmer air will start to push in again as we end the week with above average temperatures in the upper 40s. The forecast looks pretty dry into the weekend as we only have a slight chance for a few morning showers on Sunday.

  • TODAY: Blustery start to the day! Wind speeds will calm throughout the day and highs will reach the low 40s. HIGH: 42
  • THURSDAY: A tad bit warmer with mostly sunny skies. HIGH: 44
  • FRIDAY: Close to the low 50s with more sunshine. HIGH: 48
  • SATURDAY: Even warmer with highs in the upper 40s and low 50s. HIGH: 49
  • SUNDAY: Slight chance for a few showers in the morning with highs in the low 40s. HIGH: 40

Meteorologist Brittany Foster


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