Woman shot dead in York would ‘get along with anybody,’ friend says

LINCOLN, Neb (KLKN) – The community of York, a city of about 8,000 people, is now dealing with a rare act of deadly violence.

A York man is accused of shooting and killing his wife Monday night, after police found 46-year-old Stacie Beutler dead in her home.

Officers then found and arrested 47-year-old Bart Beutler on suspicion of first-degree murder, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.

Stacie’s friend and coworker, Kacie Castillo, said she didn’t deserve what happened to her.

“She had the bubbly personality; she’d get along with anybody,” Castillo said. “She didn’t have anybody that didn’t like her. She was very welcoming, she was very loving, she was just an amazing person all the way around.”

Castillo said crimes like this don’t usually happen in small towns like York, so it was a shock.

After she found out, she went to visit Stacie’s mother to check on her.

“I had promised Stacie a long time ago when she was struggling in life that I’d always look out for her mom,” Castillo said. “I knew I needed to stop and make sure she was OK and let her know that she’s got people surrounding her and will help her through it.”

Stacie’s mother, Sandy Turner, said the couple was visiting from Arizona and had been staying with her since November.

“They were really two very nice people,” she said. “She had faced a lot of trial in her life, but everybody does. And she’d come through it all. She was very happy.”

Turner said the two had been through some hard times in their life and were supporting each other.

She said Bart had been through some trauma in his past, which affected his mental health.

“It really kind of affected his brain,” she said. “It wasn’t all the time, though, it was like he would fade in and out. And he’d be great and be fine and happy, but if he got too tired or something, he would just snap.”

She said the two were married for about six months but have known each other since high school.

Castillo said while she doesn’t know what happened between them, she’s mad about Stacie’s death.

“Stacie had her own troubles you know, but she overcame those, and she was in a place where she was happy,” she said. “There’s nothing that she could’ve done that would’ve warranted taking her life, so I really hope that justice can be served.”

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