More probation for woman who dumped dead and dying dogs

Denise Withee

Posted By:  KLKN Newsroom

A 49-year-old Iowa woman has been given nine years of probation in Nebraska because she violated terms of an earlier probation sentence by living with dogs.

Denise Withee, of Mapleton, Iowa, was sentenced on Thursday. Her new sentence also includes a provision that bars her from owning or living with any animals.

Withee had been on probation for dumping 23 dead or dying dogs in a Nebraska cornfield in 2008. She has admitted that she violated probation by living with 13 dogs at the Iowa home she shares with her mother. Iowa authorities discovered the dogs in January.

Withee's attorney, Vicki Kenney, says Withee fits the description of an animal hoarder and described her as “an addict of animals.''