Woodblock prints on display at nine Lincoln locations

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Local artists are showcasing their work in nine different areas of the city.

They are all featuring prints created out of 2-foot-by-3-foot woodblock carvings.

Unlike in painting or other art forms, wood carving prints use negative space to create the picture.

When artists carve the picture, they have to think about the finished project because what they take away from the wood is just as important as what they leave behind.

When the woodblock is pressed with ink, the ink only sticks to the uncarved part of the block.

On a finished print, the black part is the part the ink touched, and the white part is what was carved out.

One of the places the prints were put up is Constellation Art Studio near 21st and O Streets.

Owner and artist Karen Kunc explained how the artists aren’t sure how the project will turn out until the end.

“They don’t really know until you start taking prints from it and you proof it and test it and look,” she said. “Most of these artists were quite satisfied and surprised when we took the prints. Then it was really just a revelation, which is always the fun part of peeling that paper back and looking at the print and seeing this surprise.”

This is the second time that temporary prints are being put up around the city.

A couple of years ago, the Lux Center for the Arts did this project, and it was a success.

“People said they changed their bike routes to work or they would go past them intentionally when they walk their dog or just route with a family,” said Karelyn Farneth, gallery director at the Lux. “So we want people to explore different spaces throughout Lincoln and just kind of have something fun to discover. And just be aware that, like, public art doesn’t always have to be up forever.”

The prints are temporary artwork and will be at the following locations.

  • Constellation Studios
    2055 O St.
  • Joyo Theater
    6102 Havelock Ave.
  • Mo Java Cafe
    2649 N 48th St.
  • Charles H. Gere Branch Library
    2400 S. 56th St.
  • Bess Dodson Walt Branch Library
    6701 S. 14th St.
  • Air Park Recreation Center
    3720 NW 46th St.
  • The Mill at Telegraph
    330 S. 21st St.
  • The Mill at Prescott
    4736 Prescott Ave.
  • Lincoln Literacy
    745 S. 9th St.

The artists whose work is featured are:

  • Aaron Holz
  • Keith Buswell
  • Toan Vuong
  • Amanda Durig
  • Charley Friedman
  • Karen Kunc
  • Katie Nieland
  • Meghan Stratman
  • Jen Deets
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