Your 2020 back-to-school shopping lists


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The countdown begins for Lincoln Public School’s first day of school. But, with additional restrictions, families are left wondering how to prepare. Channel 8 put together a pandemic-adjusted 2020 back-to-school list to help out. Some items you may have seen before, others are unique to this year.


The Basics

Some items are always essential. Here is a general overview of products to pick-up.

 [ ] No. 2 Pencils

 [ ] Erasers

 [ ] Ballpoint pens

 [ ] Highlighters

 [ ] Notebooks

 [ ] Folders and/or binders

 [ ] Backpack


Stocking Up

With Lincoln and Lancaster county still considered “high risk”, according to the Health Department’s Covid-19 Risk Dial. Even though most classes will be in person, social distancing is still encouraged. So, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on additional items your child would have gotten in the classroom in order to minimize their contact with others.

 [ ] Markers, color pencils, or crayons

 [ ] Child safe scissors

 [ ] Glue sticks

 [ ] Ruler


New Essentials

Here’s a list of items you’ll likely need to add to your shopping list this year to help protect your child and family from the coronavirus.

 [ ] Lunch box (if you prefer for them to only bring snacks from home)

 [ ] Travel pack of tissues

 [ ] Hand sanitizer

 [ ] Reusable mask (plus one as a back up)

 [ ] Blue light glasses (they will likely be having more screen time)

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