Kristen Bell started #10FeaturedTeachers on Instagram. 

Teachers from all over the world messaged Bell a picture, a little bit about their teaching career and their Amazon wish list. 

On the fifth day, Bell chose Jessie McCain, a third and fourth grade special education teacher at Conestoga Elementary School in Murray, Ne.

Two hours after Bell posted Jessie McCain’s photo to her 7.7 million followers, everything from her wish list was purchased. 

McCain said, “I was actually at the husker volleyball game trying to sit there and add more things to my wish list and asking other teachers what are things that you really love in your classroom.”

McCain put stuff like dry erase markers and pencils on her list, but also things like bean bag chairs and noise canceling headphones. 

She adds, “I think it will really benefit them because we have so many more resources than we had before. For social skills and things like that we are constantly pulling things off the internet or we just don’t really have a curriculum for things to go by, we just kind of guess at what our students need and what would work, so it’s nice to have things that are useful and people have looked into and they work.”

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