10th Annual Nebraska Robotics Expo


More than 100 different teams competed in various robotics competitions, after weeks of practice and preparation. 

“We want them to be excited and in the process to competition in the event, they’re using their science skills their technology engineering and math skills,” Alisa Gilmore the Director of the Robotics Expo said.

This year’s theme was space, as kids mixed robotics and outer space.

In one of the competitions, kids did everything from building the robot to programming it.

The kids who participated ranged in ages from Elementary School to High School.

“Get your kids involved in something they want to do. Don’t be scared of a robot don’t be scared of STEM, engineering is easy we all can do it,” Brandy Schulze First Lego League Program Coordinator said.

All of these groups have been meeting before and after school to get ready for this robotics expo.

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