10-year-old Lincoln girl donates over $1,000 to flood victims by selling art

Donations and support continue to pour in for flood victims. A 10-year-old Lincoln girl is making her own handmade contribution.

“I wanted to help because people’s homes have been knocked down and I knew they were suffering and needed a new home and stuff to help them,” Lily Larson said.

Lily used her passion for art to press leaves and flowers inside picture frames. Since the flooding in March, she has made and sold over 40 so far.

Her original goal was to raise $200 but ended up with over $1,000.

Lily’s mom said she was proud to watch her daughter come up with the plan.

“She came up with the idea of doing art and she is kind of an outdoor girl so she had fun going around the neighborhood and collecting things,” Lily’s mom, Ashley Larson said. “It was fun to watch her use her creativity and her heart to come up with the idea.”

All of the money Lily made went directly to flood victims. She hopes to raise money for different organizations in the future.

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