$15 million given to Lincoln-area nonprofits

ARPA money is being used to support organizations that provide service to the Lancaster County residents who need it the most.
Photo Courtesy Lancaster County Board of Commissioners

LINCOLN, Neb (KLKN) – A total of $15 million was awarded to 30 nonprofit organizations in the Lincoln area by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners.

Money from the American Rescue Plan Act is being used to support businesses affected by the pandemic.

The Board of Commissioners said they reviewed 64 applications for $88 million before the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) decided on the final 30 recipients.

“This is a historic opportunity for our community to meet pandemic related needs and offer meaningful and lasting change by expanding essential services such as food assistance, family therapy, housing, and so much more,” said James Michael Bowers, the JBC Chair and City of Lincoln Council Chair.

Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird thanked the nonprofits for their support to the county’s vulnerable residents, and said this money will help provide life-changing services for those in need.

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