UPDATE: Lincoln robbery suspects arrested in Omaha

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Earlier this month, two masked men robbed Computer Hardware near 70th and O Streets.

“It was chaotic, I mean they wanted cell phones and we don't cell phones,” manager Jeremiah Tripp said.

Now police believe they have the robbers.

“We had followed them up to Omaha the day before and during surveillance it appeared as though they were hanging around that AT&T store quite a bit. We wound up thinking that there was a possibility that maybe they were actually going to hit that particular store,” Lincoln Police Chief James Peschong said.

Police believe the suspects went to Omaha after watching the news here in Lincoln.

“They were listening to the media trying to get information to make sure that they could avoid any capture, so they were venturing up to the Omaha area,” Peschong said.

Police arrested 26-year-old Jobe Smith and 22-year-olds William Blair and Danielle Iaquinta in Omaha Wednesday.

Police say they started suspecting Blair as one of the robbers back in November when they discovered a BB pistol in his car.

“He was somebody that we had looked at early on and had not been able to eliminate him,” Peschong said.

Blair's been lodged for several charges. Smith and Iaquinta are charged with attempted robbery and criminal conspiracy.

Police believe the three roommates are involved in at least seven robberies in Lincoln. A Check-N-Go, a Pizza Hut, two Sonic drive-ins, two cell phone businesses and Computer Hardware.

Police say they were armed with various weapons and in several cases, tied up store employees.

For example, the most recent case on March 5 at Computer Hardware. The alleged robbers tied up 3 employees and were armed with what looked like machetes. They took off with laptops and tablets.

Now, Tripp says he feels safe in his store.

” We've taken preventative measures and beefed up security a little bit more,” he said.

 Police say they're still investigating the case and that they're trying to find all of the items taken from each business.