3 Omaha teens arrested for pizza delivery murder

Teens arrested for the killing of an Omaha pizza delivery man could face first degree murder charges.

Three teenagers are in custody for luring a pizza delivery driver to a vacant apartment Friday night, robbing him and killing him.  All for less than $50.  

The Douglas County Sheriff has identified the Pizza Hut driver as 33-year-old Christopher Taylor of Omaha.

Investigators traced the suspect with a cell phone used to order the pizza. Taylor arrived at the apartment complex in North Omaha about 11:00 p.m. A neighbor found his body outside a vacant apartment. 

The youngest suspect is only 16-years-old; his name has not been released.  He is accused of first-degree murder.  19-year-old Dontavis McClain is also booked on first-degree murder charges, the third teen, 18-year-old Larry Fountain is being held for robbery.  Deputies think the three broke into the vacant apartment through a window, then lured Taylor there intending to rob him.

Taylor worked at the Pizza Hut near 90th and Fort.  A statement from the restaurant called his death sad and tragic and indicates the company is cooperating with the investigation.