6-year-old “Laugh Coordinator” puts smiles on patients’ faces

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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Sully Nyehuis starts his morning by picking out his scrubs. He then spends his day helping his parents at their acupuncture clinic.

By the way- Nyehuis is only 6-years-old.

During the pandemic, his parents decided to home-school him, so he now has his own office at their work.

“When the patient walks in, it’s my job to see if they need to eat, drink or go to the bathroom then take them back to Room X and tell them a joke,” Nyehuis said.

Nyehuis realized that most patients were in pain or nervous while waiting for their appointment.

“When [grandma] puts needles in her feet, she gets nervous and that’s why I get to tell her jokes,” Nyehuis said.

He said making people smile makes them brave, and patients agree.

“When I came in for acupuncture, I was in pain, tons of pain, and coming in and smiling makes you not think about it,” said patient Carissa Roberts. “It kind of takes it away a little bit and it just changes your demeanor. It changes your perspective of what you’re dealing with right then and there.”

Nyehuis remembered with another child came in with his mother and was nervous to leave her side. So, he came to the rescue with a card.

“The little boy with curly hair, I just made him a card and then he started to be brave and he started to play with me,” Nyehuis said.

His mom, Chalee, commented, “I went and I had his business cards made with laugh coordinator on it, and we do research to find new jokes all the time. He takes his job very seriously.”

Nyehuis job of brightening people’s day doesn’t stop at the office.

“Before COVID, we use to go to elderly homes and we would sing,” Chalee said. “He would always be my mic checker, so he would get up there first and sing his songs.”

“To be that compassionate at such a young age, especially lately when it seems like a lot of humanity has forgotten how to be compassionate and how to be caring towards others, even when you just met them,” said his dad, Cory.

Nyehuis’s started his job all on his own and now patients request to see the little doctor before their treatments.

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