82 local frontline workers receive Pfizer vaccine

"Not only is it to the benefit of the citizen but for my own health,” said LFR Captain Brian Giles.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — On Monday, 82 local EMTs received the Pfizer COVID vaccine.
LFR Captain Brian Giles was first to receive the vaccine at the Lincoln-Lancaster Health Department and says this is vital in helping his crew continue to serve the community.
“Well we have roughly about 300 firefighters and if we would have an outbreak in the department, it could mean station closures,” said Giles. “It could mean a wave of sick leave within the department. It would put us short on staffing so not only is it to the benefit of the citizen but for my own health.”
The Pfizer vaccines were administered to EMTs and Lincoln Fire and Rescue. The mayor and health director were also present as frontline workers received the shots and a reminder to get their second shot in a few weeks.
“We got 85 does to start off today because we have 82 people coming in today so those three doses could leave over until tomorrow,” said Bernice Afuh, Lincoln-Lancaster Health Department.
Afuh says the vaccines are kept refrigerated and once thawed have to and will be administered within 5 days. She says this round of vaccines will be given to frontline workers by Friday. Giles adds he hopes the community will follow suit get the vaccine when it is available to the public.

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