A Lincoln gym owner chooses to be proactive by closing doors, offering virtual classes

A local gym owner took action on her own, closing her gym for physical classes.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A local gym owner took action on her own, closing her gym for physical classes.
Members at LP Fitness are going to have to get used to attending virtual classes online after the owner closed its doors to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.
“We were just talking about how bad the cases were getting and so I made the difficult decision to close my gym,” said Mendoza. “Just temporarily, because I thought it was the right thing to do. The health and safety of my staff and all my members are one of my number one priorities.”
Liza Mendoza says she and her team were crushed when she had to close earlier this year when covid hit the U.S.
She wasn’t able to celebrate her year anniversary of opening her own gym and being one of the only minority women to own a gym in Lincoln.
But she switched to virtual classes and reopened when it was safer with social distancing markers and covid check-ins for members.
“But virtually it’s just me and the camera we set it up right here,” said Mendoza. “I teach a class and it’s really cool because I can see everyone here online. So have a coworker that will have names of people that are doing it so I can call them out like they’re in class.”
Now that COVID numbers are rising in Lincoln, Mendoza and her team are again teaching classes and giving nutrition plans online.
She adds she is hopeful, as the gym is gaining customers from out of state and in Nebraska.
The fact that I’ve tried to be proactive and with all of this and go virtual, people understand,” said Mendoza. “It means a lot to me because I’ve gotten messages from a lot of healthcare workers thanking me for doing this. That means the most to me because it’s a little part that I can do in this mess we’re dealing with right now.”

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