A UNL professor cares for hundreds of bees through quarantines

UNL professors teach and care for bees at the UNL Bee Lab during the pandemic.

A UNL professor is taking care of hundreds of bees during COVID-19 pandemic.

“We manage anywhere between 40 and 80 hives a year for research and teaching purposes so we’ve been doing a lot of bee maintenance and just because we are limited in our staff capacity because of COVID-19,” said Dr. Judy Wu-Smart, UNL Department Of Entomology.
Due to quarantines, Dr. Wu-Smart and a few staff are staying active in the UNL Bee Lab. Smart says normally she has a lot of help but students have to learn from online classes this semester.
“We had a number of students start the research this year but they can’t start it because they can’t be here,” says Wu-Smart. “So the technicians have been helping us start it, but not the research part, just setting up the hives to get ready for the research.”
She and other professors use live videos to show education about the importance bees have in agriculture and nature. She says a good side of the pandemic is that more are interested in the species.
“I think that is an awesome positive of Covid-19 is, people are out gardening more which is great for the bees,” said Wu-Smart. “People are more interested in caring for bees and they’re making those connections between pollination and wildlife.”

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