After active winter last year, city of Lincoln prepared for snow season

LTU's Tim Byrne says the city will continue to use private contractors to clear residential areas, not concerned about labor shortages.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – On Friday, Lincoln had its first snowfall of the season.

After an active winter last year, Lincoln Transportation and Utilities maintenance operations manager Tim Byrne says the city is ready for what the season has in store.

“Our winter operations plan is a process of continual improvement,” Byrne said. “So we’re always learning from each season and each storm on how our technologies and our practices can be better applied to produce safer streets for the community.”

One approach that will be carried over from last year is having private contractors clear residential areas so city plows can focus on arterial streets.

“That program allowed us to expand the resources that we have available to the community,” Byrne said. “As our city continues to grow, we build new streets, new neighborhoods, and our responsibility keeps growing with that. So in order to maintain our levels of service, we need to expand our resources so that we can keep up with the demand to provide safe transportation.”

Other parts of the country are experiencing snowplow driver shortages. Fortunately, the city of Lincoln is not experiencing such issues.

“We’re very lucky on that front here in Lincoln,” Byrne said. “We do have a couple of vacancies on our city staff side that we’re working on filling but our labor has been pretty status quo. So we’re in a good position with having city staff available to respond to events, and our contract partners have been able to sustain their workload commitments as well.”

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