Among the recent child abuse cases, a mother encourages Nebraskans to foster

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and Channel 8 spoke to a local foster mom. She says more adults are always needed to give Nebraskan kids a safe home.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. Channel 8 spoke to a local foster mom who says more adults are always needed to give Nebraskan kids a safe home.

Rachael Folds has fostered about 70 children over time. With the pandemic and child abuse cases becoming more common, she hopes to inspire adults with a heart to foster.

“Good homes are needed,” said Folds. “People who just have a heart for this and not in it for any alternative motives.”
Some of Fold’s inspiration to help children comes from being a foster child herself at 14. Folds says she remembers the feeling of holding¬† a garbage bag full of belongings and entering a stranger’s home.
She eventually became a foster parent, so far helping over 70 children have a safe home.

“You know recently there were issues with a foster parent who allegedly abused the foster child in his home and when you have things like that,” said Folds. “That’s trauma on top of trauma.”

Her son, Jacobi, first came to her at 8 years old. He says he was a tough kid, punching another child on day one. But Rachael’s parenting and love turned his view on life around.

“I used to be a problem and now I’m not,” said Jacobi. “If you can have someone good to work with, like a good foster parent, it can change an entire person’s life.”

Rachel adopted Jacobi in 2015 and continues to foster as she says there are more children than homes available.

“It’s good to have like a good parent because I know when I first came I was a bit of a problem to deal with. But through her love and I understood that hey, I was loved.”

Folds hopes more Nebraskan adults see this need and reach out.

“Thinking about foster care or even adoption I say do it,” said Folds. “If God has laid it on your heart to do that, then do it because there’s someone out there that needs them.”

Jacobi’s birthday turns 17 today and plans to join the Marines after graduation. He credits Rachael for helping him have a good childhood and future.

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