Another string of vandalisms overnight

A string of vandalism continues over the capitol city this summer. Monday night, vehicles parked in a West C neighborhood were targeted, windows smashed and items taken. Witnesses say authorities told them around 21 vehicles were damaged. 

These vandalisms are leaving citizens confused, paranoid, even heartbroken. 

Residents in the West C neighborhood say their apartment complex has been hit over and over again.

Another says she can’t sleep at night from PTSD and for fear of her car being broken into again.

This area is not alone, last week, one woman’s commute to work in southeast Lincoln was interrupted when she noticed what happened overnight.

“I got in my car and started pulling out of my driveway, and then I heard that my windshield was shattered. I took a look at it and I found a big hole was smashed into it on my car,” Friday’s case victim Susan Okeng said.

Susan’s car is fixed now, but she does have photos of what the car looked like before and after.

“They smashed this area, you see this big circle here?”

Susan said the cost to fix her car was over 200 dollars, a lot of money for a working single mother of three.

These vandalism cases have been happening all over the city. In fact, nearly 800 cars have been targeted in the last 3 months. Since January, there have been 1,400 cases. 

Police have made arrests in some June cases.

And now the search is on for these latest suspects.

“We don’t have any enemies that we know of, but now we are like, who is doing this? Why are they doing it, and what is next,” Okeng said.

The damages have been costing car owners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Suspects have also stolen items from inside the cars.

Though the numbers are large this year, there has been a 5.7 percent decrease in vandalism cases from last year.

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