Appeal denied for death row inmate Hessler

A 32-year-old Nebraska man sentenced to death for killing a 15-year-old newspaper carrier has lost another bid for freedom.

Jeffrey Hessler was convicted in 2004 of kidnapping, raping and killing Heather Guerrero, of Gering, in February 2003.  His conviction and death sentence were upheld by the Nebraska Supreme Court in November 2007, after he appealed on other grounds.

In Hessler's motion for post-conviction relief, he claimed ineffective counsel. He said his
attorneys failed to tell the court that he suffered from mental problems, including hallucinations.
In a ruling last week, District Judge Randall Lippstreu said Hessler and his attorneys seemed to have had philosophical differences between the time of Hessler's conviction and sentencing
hearing. But, the judge said, that did not constitute ineffective counsel.