Area doctors worry, as holidays approach

Not everyone agrees with the mask mandate being extended

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)-We compared the two largest school districts in the state.  Lincoln Public Schools, where the entire city is required to wear masks, has about .11% of students with COVID-19.  Whereas the City of Omaha does not have a mask mandate, but students are still required to wear masks on school grounds.  They have about a .22% of their students with COVID-19.  Some feel the masks aren’t working.

“We have been in a mask mandate 15 out of 19 months, and the data will show you that where the masks are in place our case numbers are not any significantly different,” said Dawn Liphardt Executive Director of Lancaster Republican Party.

On the other hand, even with the extended mask mandate in Lincoln, doctors are worried.

“As a medical community especially hospitals, we’ve got a lot of anxiety about the coming weeks because we are operating at a high capacity and it continues to be a challenge,” said Dr. Kevin Reichmuth at Bryan Health.

On top of COVID-19, hospital staff typically see other illnesses this time of year.

“Even before covid, one thing that we would often find is following Thanksgiving and it would kind of carry on into February, we would see people post gatherings with influenza, RSV, and other respiratory viruses,” said Dr. Reichmuth.

When asked what advice doctors have for schools when students return from break.  Dr. Reichmuth said other than staying home if you are sick, wear a mask.

“These other school systems you know, you haven’t done it all year or have been reluctant to do it. This would be a great time, even if you did it for this period of time through these holidays it would be the number one thing,” said Dr. Reichmuth.

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