Army veteran shares experience with Veterans Treatment Court, prepares to graduate

Aaron Sherman, an Army veteran, found himself struggling after serving 9 years with the National Guard. After facing legal troubles, he was introduced to the Lancaster County Veterans Treatment Court (LCVTC).

LCVTC is a rehabilitative, problem–solving court program designed to help veterans like Sherman who may be having trouble readjusting after serving in the military.

“I started to distance myself from my family and everything like that and it has kinda helped bring it back around and kinda mend those relationships a little more and, it put me back in school so it definitely put me back on the right track,” says Sherman.

The program is a combination of intense judicial supervision and treatment services for vets who may suffer from substance abuse issues, mental health problems, post traumatic stress disorders and more.

Veterans also receive a mentor. Someone who has also served in the military that they meet with weekly.

“He’s kind of my support channel, he’s also in the military so he knows that whole aspect of it as well. It stopped becoming like a mentor ship and more become a friendship,” Sherman says about his mentor.

Sherman says the 18 month program is intense, he has attended problem solving and behavioral traits classes, counseling, and weekly meetings, but he says the big challenge has been self discovery.

“The hardest part it like figuring out who I am a little bit more and what I like to do, what i don’t like to do and what influences me as well, so…”

After 18 months of hard work, Sherman will be graduating from the program on October 1st. Channel 8 plans to be at the ceremony. 

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